About Amanda

Amanda Torrey/Amanda Daire headshot

Hi friends!

My name is Amanda, I am the hostess and resident author here at the Amanda Bookverse. :) I write in multiple genres as Amanda Torrey and Amanda Daire. I'm so excited for you to read my books!

Why a "bookverse" and not just a regular author website, you ask?

Well, I have discovered over the years that I’m incapable of fitting into any kind of box. (Can you relate?) As much as I try to find a genre lane to stay in, I can’t help but veer off wildly in too many directions. (I should have realized in high school that I’d never fit in! :) Okay, maybe I did realize that...) Sadly for me, all the book marketing experts tell me I need to pick a genre and write as much as I can in order to find success in publishing.

I do want success. But I don't want to write the same story over and over. I admire people who can do that, but my creative brain likes to play!

This year I’ve decided to let my wild side shine, so instead of beating myself up over my feral imagination, I’m leaning into it. 

So that's why I decided to build this website to host what I like to call my bookverse–a place where readers can try out different genres I write in and see what fits the best.

As a reader, I know that I don’t read one type of book all the time, so I’m hoping to appeal to readers who also can’t fit into boxes and who like to read different things by an author they love (please love me! I already know I love you!) :) 

Currently I've written small town romance (lightly steamy but nothing you'd be too embarrassed to read), young adult paranormal, and women's fiction/relatable relationship fiction/family drama. Over the next year I'll be writing more women's fiction and some women's fiction fantasy (about a woman who runs away to Scotland and discovers she has Faerie heritage--I'm so excited for this one!)

While you may not be into all of these genres, the reason why I think there's a chance you may like more than one of the genres I write in is because all of my books have similar recurring themes, if not similar storylines. I write about finding hope in the rubble of despair and healing from whatever the character has endured. I write about flawed characters who could be your best friend (or you!) I write about things we can all relate to, even if the scenery looks different. Universal emotions. Empathy. Kindness. 

Anyway, I live in Massachusetts with my real-life hero and my young adult children. I love to travel, (particularly to Scotland), and I love to hyperfocus on new topics because I’m obsessed with learning! I am a huge fan of sparkly sneakers (and anything else sparkly), finding whimsy in every day, frolicking in nature, bookstores, tea, Taylor Swift, and pretty much any baked good. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to know you. <3 

Much love,

~Amanda :)