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So Complicated (Ebook)

So Complicated (Ebook)

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Certain things should never be known about one’s best friend. How they rate as a kisser is at the top of the list.

Turning thirty wouldn’t be a big deal if Aleen hadn’t been given bad news about her future fertility potential. Now the clock is ticking and she needs to find a man who can not only get her body and heart buzzing, but who is also husband and father material. She hasn’t had a date in years, but finding a man shouldn’t be so hard to do in this age of internet dating, right? Finding an adequate man in thirty days is a challenge she has no choice but to accept.

Luke tried the relationship thing for the sake of his dying mother. It didn’t work out. When his best friend, Aleen, starts searching for love in all the wrong places, he offers to step up to the plate.

What the heck—they already love each other, why not commit to being more than friends? Her response? Laughter. She doesn’t believe he’s capable of deviating from his quest for the next bright and shiny thing in life, and thus would not make a good life partner. But after a staged kiss in the bar, she’s the only woman he can think about. And he wants to get to know parts of her he hasn’t yet known.

Aleen is trying to hunt down a man. Luke is chasing after her. With their emotional wires crossed and burning, does their friendship stand a chance of survival?


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